Our Bag of Treats

 Oct 16, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We love this season - its colors, pumpkins, hardy mums, the faint chill in the air and all those leaves!  Orange abounds and being right next to Sleepy Hollow, we can't miss it - goblins and atmosphere everywhere.  To be right in sync with that, we have our own Bag of Treats.  Each bag has 2 ounces of a seasonal tea (Citrus Spice, Streudel...), some disposable filters to make the perfect cup, a quaint little ceramic holder with a Rooster theme and a yummy shortbread cookie infused with classic Earl Grey Tea.  All for $6.  You can't go wrong.  And off to the side, our newest arrival - the promised Moravian cookies - Pumpkin Spice at the Tea Room now - $3.50/canister.

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