The Tipsters

 Oct 17, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A group of our customers has now given themselves a name - "The Tipsters" - as in fans who visit Silver Tips!  The group consists of the Aggletons, the Costas and the Salvos.  (I'm assuming the 6th member of the Tipsters was taking this photo).  I've recently bumped into the Aggletons twice doing chores around town and discovered they live pretty close to me.  They shared this little fact with me about The Tipsters, and wouldn't you know it, that same afternoon, I saw the Salvos at the Tea Room!  One group member, Marilyn, said to me, 'We know it's silly but it's so much fun!'  I replied that I totally agreed, it was the small fun moments of life such as this that made it remarkable.  Keep it up - spread the joy.  Tipsters always welcome!

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