Tea Canisters

 Dec 02, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A couple of months ago, we made it our mission to get everyone to own and use Creamers and Milk Pitchers.  Now we've moved our focus to Canisters.  If you are beyond the initial exploration and experimentation stage with tea, you should store your tea in a Canister.  The age-old principle to follow is - No light, No air, No moisture.  A canister with a good seal is all that is needed.  Food grade of course and not clear glass or plastic.  Throughout the year, we stock some basic ones online and at the Tea Room but for the holiday season, we bring in fancier ones.  4 ounces is the usual canister size and it corresponds to the most requested amount of tea purchased by consumers.  A size smaller will also do but buy larger canisters only if you are in the habit of purchasing 8 oz. or a pound of tea at a time.  Some of the canisters in the picture even have an inner plug-top lid which ensures your tea stays fresh.

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