Our Tea Room's fabulous service...

 Feb 27, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Ever since we expanded a year or so ago, we lost some of our storage and work space at the back.   Now, each time I'm at the store, I launch into a barrage of "Who belongs to this" and "Do we need this" and "What is this" in a constant attempt to de-clutter.  Each time for the past many weeks, Jacque has protected a baby's bottle causing me much irritation.  She insisted it belonged to customers she knew who would be back.  Yesterday, she showed me a note that said:
Dear Jackie, We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and efficiency in saving Dua's bottle.  Your service is wonderful!
Don't know which is nicer - the great note or Jacque's fantastic service.  Thank you to both.

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