Our New Spring Desserts

 Mar 25, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We got a whiff of Spring last week and it got us in the mood to lighten our desserts and come up with a Spring Dessert Menu.  We already have a Winter and Summer dessert menu but it's too early for Tea Ice Cream we thought.  Although we love the fruit tarts we currently serve - Peach, Apple, Berry - we figured we needed a change.  We've been sampling numerous desserts over the past few weeks (lucky us!) and added several new items - chief among them three scrumptious cool Italian desserts, each served in a glass cup.  One better than the last.  The Yogurt and Berries is a sweet light cup of yogurt gelato with a mixed berry sauce and fresh berries on the top.  The caramel/strawberry cup is delicious - it's a Fior di latte gelato with caramel, almond crunch and wild strawberries, topped with slivered almonds.  Fior di latte is the very Italian milk vanilla gelato, lower in fat than regular ice cream.  The last is the Chocolate - a decadent, creamy but light cup of chocolate chip gelato with cocoa and hazelnuts.  How can you go wrong?

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