Can't please everyone....

 Mar 26, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A couple of gals from a local business often stop in for lunch.  They only get 30 minutes for lunch so we've told them we had no problem with them calling ahead so we could get a head start on their order and they could either sit and eat in or take it with them.   Sounded like a good plan, no?  Well, this past week, they came in during a very busy lunch crowd and asked us to rush their order through, bump it to the top of the line because they only had 30 minutes.  We tried to explain that there were several orders ahead of them and they should try to call ahead so we can provide them the service they expect, particularly if they have such a tight window.  They didn't like our explanation, said we were rude and that perhaps we didn't want their business!  Huh?!  Of course we want their business!  This is the only reason we are in business.  But wait a minute - we're not McDonald's.  We prepare each order as it comes in and a fine business we'd be running if we didn't serve first those who came first. What do you think?

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