Thanks for Mother's Day 2011

 May 09, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

All in all, that was a fantastic day.   Happy people, beautiful weather, great atmosphere and a packed house.  We saw many of our regular customers as well as new faces and some who have made us their Mother's Day tradition for 5 years running.  We added chairs to tables to accommodate suddenly larger parties, we adapted quickly to changing reservations and many said this was our best year yet.  We agree.  It felt smoother and had a rhythm.  One of our customers with many years of restaurant experience behind her said that even though we had fixed seatings and needed to get the room cleared for the next set, they did not feel rushed and we handled it with grace.  Another said this was our best menu selection ever.  Some of our regulars said at the 4.30 pm and last seating, that we looked relaxed and seemed to be having fun.  We were!  We did have some glitches of course.  At the 10.30 seating, a party of 3 who were confirmed were a no-show and when we called them, they said they did not know what we were talking about and what tea room where?  OK...we're just going to have to write that off.  Here's a picture of one of our favorite group of customers - the Tipsters!    Thank you to our wonderful customers and an especially big thanks to our great crew - a better team could not be hoped for.

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