If music be the food of love, play on..

 Jun 02, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Quite obviously, we've let our music go.  This has been a small bane in our existence.  In the early years, we took great pride in our music, selecting our CD's with care and receiving many customer compliments.  Then as the music systems kept breaking down and we went through a series of equipment, a disappointing phase with Sirius Radio and changing employees with varying interest in music, alas, the music got left behind.  With the renovation of our space a few years ago, we installed professional speakers so the sound improved but the content remained unchanged.  A few days ago, a group of our regular customers finally registered their polite but firm suggestion, noted below:
As you know, the environment that you have established in the Tea Room is the single biggest reason why we have become regular customers.  The balance of good tea, food and service is something you and the staff work very hard to establish and we really appreciate it!  The consensus, however, is that more attention needs to be devoted to the background music.
We agree.  So yesterday, we overhauled the entire music selection and deleted all the crazy music that had somehow found its way into our repertoire and uploaded hundreds of selections sure to please our very attentive customers.  We should have done this a long time ago and thanks for taking the time to let us know.  We appreciate the care you took to tell us.

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