July - still not too hot for tea!

 Jul 02, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

In selecting the teas to put on sale this month, we chose some that were good iced or hot.  Our default House Iced Tea is Tropicana full of great fruity flavors and flowers to give it an added aesthetic appeal.  One that we've never put on sale before is Creme Maurice.  This has a very specific fan club following.  In appearance, it's cut finer than a teabag tea, almost powdery but thick in feel and very vanilla and strong.  If you like a strong, creamy cup of tea, this is the one for you.  Next we chose a fun Chai selection - Rooibos with Chocolate and spices.  Add a bit of chocolate syrup when you steep this.  Also great iced with a scoop of ice cream.  And finally, a clean Green tea - the well known Young Hyson, often described as warm, sunny and good-bodied.  It is an early season tea and very easy to drink.  The trick is to not use too much leaf and make sure the water is under the boiling point.  On sale online and will be available at sale prices at the Tea Room before the weekend is over.
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