Our Unusual Tuna Sandwich

 Jul 26, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

One of our customers recently filled out a Comment Card thus:
The most delicious tuna salad!  Nice size sandwich - not gigantic, satisfying.
Yes, we agree - thank you, Heidi!  Our tuna sandwich is not the usual with mayo, celery, onion, perhaps some apple or nuts.  No, ours is moist and tangy with onions, tomatoes, capers and even a little cilantro.  Just wonderful.  And very low in fat too since we don't use a bit of mayo in the mix.  A little mayo/sour cream spread does go on the bread but some customers even dispense with that.  We routinely get requests from customers for the recipe but you would have to present proof of out-of-state residency for us to part with this one!  Thanks for enjoying our food!

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