Silver Tips Labor Day Schedule

 Aug 20, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We will be closed September 5 through 10th.  That is Labor Day, Monday September 5 through Saturday, September 10th.  We will re-open on Sunday, September 11 at 11 am.  We have minor repairs and general clean-up scheduled during this week.  We've found that a thorough maintenance needs to be done on an annual basis - floors crack, baseboards come unglued, paint needs reapplication, shelves need tightening and these cannot be tackled when you're open daily. Prior to our closure, we plan on introducing our new Tea Catalogue as well as a better organized Tea Ordering Menu.  We find that some customers are overwhelmed at our choices and a more logical, cleaner arrangement would benefit them, particularly those not very familiar with tea.  A major re-haul in our catalogues this year involved paring down our teas.  A couple of years ago, we increased our tea selections to almost 175 assuming that more choice was better for the customer.  We've since changed our minds on this.  Not only did it confuse the customer but gave our servers too many options to recommend.   The magic number seems to be where we began 10 years ago - about 150 teas.  We've also re-sampled all the teas and included better descriptions and provided more contrast within each category.  We're going to display more teas to better allow the customer to understand the options.  And of course we will offer all the teas that are being removed or replaced in our Bargain Bin ($3 a bag) at the Tea Room until we have exhausted those.  They will still be available on our website for a while.  More on our new teas in a later post....
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