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 Sep 02, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Haven't blogged in a while - been very busy with preparations for the new Tea Catalogue which is finally ready.  We've decided to wait until we re-open to launch it.  (I hope you remember that we're closed next week starting Sept. 5 for minor repairs and clean-up.  We re-open Sunday, Sept. 11. )  Meanwhile, many of the teas we're discontinuing are now at the Tea Room and on our website at hefty discounts.  Among the ones that no longer make our A-list are: Khongea, Oaklands and Marangi Estates from Assam, Castleton and North Point which are Darjeelings, Greens such as Young Hyson, Green Monkey, Lung Jing and Mao Jian and a few spiced teas such as Rooi Choco, Kashmiri Green Chai and Thai Spice.  Flavored teas which got the axe were Creamsicle, Georgia Black, Ginger, Raspberry and Splendor.  Some House Blends which were replaced were Buddha's Cup, Celtic Cup, Sunset and Remembrance. It's not that these teas are not good, it's just time for a change.  As the number of our repeat customers grow, it is essential to offer newer choices.  We would do it more often but the logistics are daunting.   We're also going to be displaying samples of some of our tea selections - both to acquaint the customer with the aesthetic visuals of loose leaf tea and also to aid selection.  It's quite exciting!  
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