Displaying teas at the Tea Room

 Sep 24, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

One of our aims in launching a new Tea Catalogue was to allow better display of our teas so the customer could appreciate the many nuances of loose leaf tea.  Not all tea is a straight leaf.  They can be curled, rolled, twisted, hand-tied into pearls or large balls and be in various shades of black, brown, green or white.  We have several display boxes at the Tea Room.  One has 16 new teas that were added to the Tea Menu this month.  Another shows our 3 flowering teas - Jasmine Globe, Double Happiness and Peach Fairies.  Alongside the box, we often steep one of the flowering teas (Double Happiness in the picture) so the full beauty of the tea is on display.  Another box of 6 teas shows our high-end category - some of the most valued teas in the world, among them Gyokuro and Silver Needle Jasmine.  I hope you will visit and enjoy not only the taste of the teas but their sheer beauty.
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