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 Sep 28, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Starting today, we will be adding new teas to our site.  They will be in New Arrivals as well as in their individual sections.  Today's new teas are: Manjushree Assam - one of my personal favorites (pictured here).  I tasted several to find one that was just malty enough to be a good breakfast tea while still being moderately priced.  This is the one. Earl Grey Fancy - No muss, no fuss.  A beautiful long tea leaf base flavored with oil of bergamot.  No flowers, no fruit pieces - just a great classic Earl Grey.  Again, well-priced.  We have many earl greys - on a Keemun base, our house earl grey on a Ceylon base, Imperial on a Darjeeling base, one with citrus....this is the most basic for those who want their daily cup of Grey. Key West - we strengthened our Rooibos category in response to demand.  This is similar to Serengeti in that it is on a Green Rooibos base with mango, papaya, orange peel and tropical flavor.  Nice hot as well as iced.
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