Digital Signage

 Nov 05, 2011 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

You will be seeing something new in the next few weeks at the Tea Room - digital signage.  What is this?  A flat-screen TV hoisted high which will display information we think is of interest to you, the most obvious of which will be Specials.  We've always struggled with how to communicate information to all our customers and have sometimes not offered new things because it was difficult to get the message out on time in a consistent way.  Not anymore.   Now if we have a special dessert or quiche to offer for a limited period, we can do so efficiently.   As the holiday season approcahes and our tea merchandise arrives, we can tailor prices and packages as they move on and off our shelves.  We can offer discounts on products we stocked up on or offer 1-day or weekend specials on popular gift items such as Samplers and Tea-of-theMonth subscriptions. In addition to our own content, the system provider offers general-interest information such as Quotes, Jokes, Weather & News.  Rest assured, we will never carry sports scores!  And this is all signage, no sound so it will not interrupt your conversations.  We think it will allow us much greater flexibility to get our messsage out to you and free up our servers to do what they do best - make your visit memorable.

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