March 29 Tea Tasting

 Mar 25, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We will be closing early this Thursday, March 29 at 3.30 pm in order to prepare for our Evening Tea Tasting.  It is now fully booked and thanks to everyone for your response.  A special thank you also to our faithful and supportive "Tipsters" for giving up their 6 seats in order that others may have an opportunity to attend.  We will be serving 6 teas, in 3 pairings so that everyone can compare and contrast teas from the same category.  On tap that evening will be 2 Black teas, 2 Oolongs and 2 Artisan Display teas.  We have a free gift planned which is a surprise!  We've dispensed with the lecture format for this evening and we are eager to see how it will work out.  Our team is now quite knowledgeable about the nuances of tea and we think individual conversations at each table will be more useful and  allow us the opportunity to tailor our information to the interests of each customer. Next event - Mother's Day!  The sign-up sheet will be available at the Tea Room on March 29.  See you then!

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