Tea Tasting March 29 - Feedback

 Mar 30, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Yesterday was our first Tea Tasting since we expanded the Tea Room.  We were almost full which made for a lively crowd.  The plan for this Tasting was to dispense with the lecture format and allow individual and group discussions at each table.  For most, this was good.  A couple of our customers wrote that they would have preferred more "teaching on tea" and one said, "I thought there might be a speaker talking about the teas".  We may entertain that format again in the future. We featured 3 pairs of teas: Black:  Makaibari 2nd Flush & Panda Blend Oolong:  Wu Yi and Goddess of Mercy Display/Artisan:  Lychee Green & Double Happiness. As a bonus, we also showed and offered two spectacular Rosette teas - one Jasmine and one Black (Red Mudan) - and gave each customer a complimentary sample of both.  Although a few customers did name the Black teas their favorite, the overwhelming majority rated the Oolongs and Display Teas as their premier choice of the evening.  Double Happiness gained many new followers!  Suggestions for future Tastings were offered - an all-black tea session, one without any green teas, one with just rooibos or tisanes... Some random comments for all to enjoy:
The overall ambience and energy in the room was wonderful.  The staff was great, even though they were super-busy. It was very enjoyable tasting new things and very informative.  Enjoyed the company and witty conversations. Superb professional service.  Very informative.  Delightful!
On the first question on our Feedback Sheet - Was the event what you expected - almost everyone checked "Yes" or "Somewhat" but one person checked "NO" which made us look more closely.  Then we saw it had an explanation associated with it which said, "It was better than expected.  I had no idea about the many teas we had".  Whew! We will be taking note of all comments, positive and negative, tweaking what we need to and announcing future Tastings during the year.  Next event - Mother's Day on May 13, 2012 with 4 seatings of a Prix Fixe Special Afternoon Tea.  A heartfelt thank you to all those who attended and to our great staff for making this a success.

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