Get your Silver Tips Groupon deal today

 May 23, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

For those still not taking advantage of Groupon, perhaps today's deal will change your mind.  This is your opportunity to get $14 worth of food at Silver Tips by paying just $7 for it.  You can use it towards any food item on the menu.  There are some restrictions - you can't use it towards accessories or take-out but for most of our patrons, coming in for lunch and tea is the reason to visit so this is a nice discount for doing what you're doing anyway.  Yes, Groupon will send you a daily e-mail with the featured deal of the day but it's just as easy to delete it as it is to open and read it so the clutter is kept to a minimum.  And occasionally, you will find a gem.  I've purchased 6 bottles of wine for $15, sent $40 worth of flowers for $20 and dined at restaurants for a pittance.  Here's the link - hope you take advantage of it - the deal is available another couple of days and you can use the Groupon at Silver Tips through October 7:

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