Our Stalwart Lemonade Sellers

 Jul 01, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

It is so hot out there, we've been offering our Lemonade to go for $1.  The deal is - if you take it to go in a 16 oz. cup, it is just $1.  If you are seated inside with table service and unlimited refills, it is the regular $1.99.  This past week, the temperature has been above 90 degrees for several days and my enthusiastic, intrepid servers have taken their gig outside the Tea Room and have been generating quite a bit of interest.  Here are some of their zanier moments: A cop car was driving by and they heard the cop say, "Oh, I'm so hot, I have to go to 7-11 and get something cool to drink".  Christina and Annalisa were having none of it.  They offered him our Strawberry Lemonade which he so enjoyed that he came back for 3 more! A Brazilian group visiting Tarrytown got one for each member of the group, took pictures and said they were the best. Our Greek restaurant neighbors tell us that their evening customers have been asking, 'Where's the $1 Lemonade"?  During the day, they've been offering our Lemonade as their 'Greek Lemonade'! A group gave them $10 for just being enthusiastic and out there in the heat! Yesterday, the famous Muscle Men were doing their performances at the Music Hall and brought all their friends and fans for Lemonade. As I was taking this picture of them, a customer returned for another glass of our Green Tea Lemonade. Believe me when I tell you, they sold nearly a hundred glasses each day.  Aren't they fantastic?  Way to go both of you.  Now get inside and cool down.  

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