Coffee vs. Tea in Britain

 Jul 05, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

The London Evening Standard last week carried a story about Coffee overtaking Tea in England.  That is in feeling and trends and preferences.  In actual volume, an estimated 165 million cups of tea are still enjoyed daily in the U.K. vs. 70 million cups of coffee.  But no question, coffee is perceived to be trendier than tea and almost 45% of survey respondents thought coffee had a higher social status than tea.  Amazingly, 3/4 of the 2000 people questioned said they had their first cup of coffee by the age of 15.  Sixty percent said they select coffee over tea as the preferred drink to be seen with when out with friends.  High earners indicated they needed coffee to feel 'on the ball' and be productive.  As with wine, consumers were beginning to use their knowledge and choice of coffee to send a signal of their sophistication.
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