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 Jul 18, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Every once in a while, a tea comes along that exceeds all expectations.  Our Milk Oolong is one such tea.  The taste is smooth and buttery and achieved without any added flavorings.  It is manufactured with exquisite expertise and the result is sheer bliss.  The tea is a rolled Oolong, similar to those associated with great Formosa oolongs.  The cup is light gold and the cup is a mellow wash with a cream finish.  At the bottom of the picture, we've shown you a couple of infused leaves where you can see the actual full leaf, when unfurled after steeping.  Imagine the skill it takes to hand-roll that leaf into the little balls.  A great cup warm (not hot), quite excellent when cool.  This was a treat yesterday at the office.  Be sure to ask for it at the Tea Room.  Even though expensive, it is worth every penny. An added note about this tea:  Yesterday one of our wholesale customers in Tennessee re-ordered this tea and described to us how he had one particular group of customers who love this tea.  They come early, order Milk Oolong, stay through multiple steeps and leave several hours later and cannot get enough of it.  We understand completely!
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