Our Popular Scones

 Nov 30, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We do know that our Scones are popular - customers have been raving about them for years.  They're not dry, not crumbly but soft and moist on the inside with just the right amount of sweetness, and the Cream & Preserves add that perfect finishing touch.  I personally think they're a bit on the large side but our customers definitely don't think so.  Still, imagine my surprise and delight to receive this e-mail today:
Hello!  I love your tea shop!  I lived in Tarrytown for many years and would get all my loose leaf teas from you.  I have since moved to Minneapolis and am really missing your scones.  Do you, by chance, send them by mail??  I also still order some of my favorite teas from you, as well, since our local supplier does not have as many organic options.  Thank you for being such an amazing tea shop.  There's a niche here for you in Minneapolis, by the way, if you want to expand.
WellI will be calling our baker today to find out how we can satisfy her cravings.  Stay tuned.

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