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 Mar 19, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

In our March newsletter, we invited our customers to tell us why they loved Silver Tips Tea Room and what their favorite tea was.  We would pick our top 3 and give them a $10 Gift Card as well as 2 ounces of their favorite tea.  Well, we were deluged with responses, short, long, poetic, dramatic - the entire gamut.  It was quite difficult to select just 3 but we did...and also picked one runner up.  Here are our finalists: Our #1 favorite:
The very first time I visited Silver Tips Tea Room, it was a cold, dreary and very WET winter day.  A golden glow emanated from the storefront as well as an obvious sense of enjoyment from the patrons within...a cozy corner with friends, a pot of tea (so many to choose from - this was hard!), scones with clotted cream.....I was hooked!  Before leaving I had to purchase a tea I had never tried before.  I tend to like roasted/toasted flavors and my nose told me which one to pick - Czar Alexander.  I have been drinking this tea for quite some time now.  It is my favorite winter tea.  I brew it in a tiny Japanese teapot, add two drops of cream and honey and as I sip, the Czar's smoky flavor transports me to a comfy armchair sitting fireside, safe and warm on a cold winter's night.
Our #2 favorite:
I love Silver Tips because I brought my daughter ther when she was just six months old.  She licked some smoked tea chicken salad from my pinky and seemed to be interested in the complex smells coming from my pot of chai.  Six years later, she is my favorite companion at Silver Tips for special mom daughter occasions.  Now she eats your salmon tea sandwiches and sips one of your "pink" fruit tisanes.  As for my favorite tea at Silver Tips?  That is hard to say.  I think my favorite one is the green tea with that early popped grain (is it rice or buckwheat) blended into the tea leaves.  Ah, it's the Genmaicha -that's the one!  It's a sustaining and especially relaxing cuppa tea!  We love you Silver Tips!
Our #3 favorite:
I love Silver Tips for so many reasons.  I don't go but 4-5 times a year, but it's always a delicious and enjoyable experience.  Being a vegetarian is challenging, but there are so many options for me at Silver Tips.  I actually crave the egg souchong sandwiches and just recently brought those to a baby shower I was helping to host.  And of course, I always get the soup.  My baby shower was there almost 7 (!) years ago and I can't help but reminisce over every memory of that wonderful day whenever I am there.  I have taken my mother there for Mother's Day a few times and it's always a special time.  I am pretty loyal to the chocolate chai in the winter, but I love whatever iced tea is tea of the day in the summer time.  Thank you for being the place for me to "escape" with friends for lunch when I don't have my children with me (I will bring them when it isn't like a "bull in a china shop" situation).  Thank you again.
Our runner-up:
A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Silver Tips Tea Room.  I brought my mom there as a mommy-daughter date, and to break some good news to her - I got accepted to veterinary school!  We toasted over a pot of tea, some sandwiches and a delicious dessert (what better way to celebrate?!).  She was SO emotional about me leaving (I was going halfway across the country), but excited since getting into vet school is very competitive!  Now, I am two semesters away from becoming a veterinarian, and every time I visit home, we make it a point to visit Silver Tips and to relive that happy day.  It has become one of the main things we look forward to when I visit home!  Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful memory!

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