Tea & Make-Up at Silver Tips

 Jul 06, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

I121[1] don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of having my eye make-up end up on my cheeks after a few hours - all that smudging and staining and re-applying is tiresome.  And I guess I'm not the only one.  Most of us have drawers full of little-used make-up with no real idea of what works and how one goes about it.  So we're giving make-overs this summer.  Our own Annalisa is professionally trained on how to apply make-up and she's going to make us all look pretty this summer.  Here's our plan - on Friday and Saturday afternoons, she will work her magic at the Tea Room.  Details are below: Fridays/Saturdays from 3 pm to 6 pm, starting July 12. 4 packages:
  • Just Eyes  - $15
  • Quick Face - $15
  • Full Face - $25
  • Child (under 12) - $15
Each Package will take approximately 15 minutes with the Full Face requiring about 30 minutes.  A complimentary Scone and Pot of Tea is included with each package and can be enjoyed either before or after your application.  Appointments can be made at 914 332 8515 or via e-mail at events@silvertipstea.com but we also welcome walk-ins.  

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