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 Sep 28, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We are expecting to be busier than usual these last 3 weeks before our Groupon expires so it was no surprise that I found 3 Customer Comment Cards filled in yesterday in our Comment Box:
We love the soups.  Is there any way to get some of the recipes?  Even if it is a collection you sell... We love having lunch at Silver Tips.  The servers are so nice and so kind.  The food is delicious.  We are never disappointed in the 5 years we've been coming. Silver Tips Tea Room is our spot to come every Thursday afternoon after our Book Club.  We love it here!!  The girls here provide excellent service.  They are so sweet and helpful.
Well, thank you and I've shown these to our Servers, of course.  We are fortunate to have great people working for us and I'm so glad you are enjoying their service.  No, as of now, we still don't publish our Soup recipes.  Occasionally, we include one in an article but we haven't quite got to the stage of organizing them into a recipe collection.  And secondarily, we want you to visit us for our Soups so we are motivated to hold the recipes close!

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