Sep 29, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

KINDNESS MATTERSToday is our good friend, Chris's birthday.  We were so pleased that she chose to spend some of it with us at the Tea Room.  While there today, she got talking to two other families and a couple, John & Debbie (she thinks) with their son.  Annalisa, our server, knew them from before.  After they had left, Annalisa told Chris that in honor of her birthday, the couple had paid for her meal!  What an extraordinary nice gesture and it is true, not only does Kindness Matter (as our sign says) but it is all around us in big and small ways.  Chris is completely overwhelmed by this touching gesture and has asked us to extend her heartfelt thanks to them on her behalf.  I told her, Consider it done.  So John & Debbie -Thank you -  that was your act of kindness for today and all week!  You made someone very happy.  And we are grateful for our big-at-heart customers.

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