Pirouline wafers

 Oct 15, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

th[10]We served Pirouline wafers when we first opened 14 years ago.  It was served with the Dessert plate as part of our Afternoon Tea.  We thought they made the perfect match with a cup of tea.  Then, it came as individual rolled wafers in a tin and we experienced a significant amount of breakage and eventually discontinued them.  This year, we re-discovered them at the Fancy Food Show, this time as part of a duo-pack, wrapped in foil, still as good as ever.  There are many other rolled wafers but these are the only national brand actually made in the USA.  They are made with natural ingredients and certified Kosher and made by the DeBeukelaer family who started making biscuits in Belgium in 1860.  A descendant of the original founders started a company in Madison, Mississipi in 1984 and Pirouline made its debut in this country.  The most popular one is the wafer lined with Dark Chocolate followed by Hazelnut.  We will be carrying both and they can be found at the Tea Room starting today.  Grab one!

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