Teas at a Discount

 Jan 26, 2014 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

bargain bin 1At the Tea Room, as you can imagine, we have a finite amount of space to carry Teas.  Although we try to add new teas and offer a comprehensive variety, there's never enough space to do it justice.  One solution has been to offer you a Bargain Bin of Teas.  These are teas that are not in our current Silver Tips tea catalogue and can range from straight black and green teas to high-end Jasmines and flavored varieties.  Where do we get these from?  In addition to our retail company, we also operate a wholesale company - Eco-Prima Tea - which carries double the quantity of tea you see at the Tea Room.  Currently you will see herbals such as Lavender Mint and Rooi Parfait as well as a rooibos blend we carried in our early years - Ichabod's Zest.  All of them are priced at a flat $3 and have become very popular as a quick gift or as a way to try something new.  We select them fairly arbitrarily based on what is available at the office.  In addition to our Bargain Bin selections, we always discount 4 of our regular catalogue teas each month.  bargain bin 2
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