Entrepreneurs in the limelight

 Aug 05, 2014 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Silver Tips Roma Salad The Specialty Food Association ran a My Story, my ad contest recently.  This is the organization that puts on the Fancy Food Show each year which we attend and where we find all the delicious new gourmet treats for our customers each year.  The winners were just announced with the first prize going to Ayara Thai Sauces developed by Vanda Asapahu.  In her story Vanda speaks of the tireless hours she spent developing her sauces.  This reminded me of the summer I spent 15 years ago experimenting with countless versions of a Vinaigrette for our Tea Room menu as well as a unique Tuna Salad recipe.  My neighbor was my patient taster and after numerous attempts, we arrived at our Dill Vinaigrette which is our House Dressing and our Tuna Salad with capers, onions, tomatoes without any mayo!  Come & visit us and taste them yourself.

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