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 Nov 07, 2014 |  Written by Anupa Mueller


We have great people.  I hire for attitude and who they are.  I tell them we can teach them all about Tea but I can't teach them how to be nice.  That they must bring to the party.  I look for a well-adjusted person, someone who is open, a little bit genteel, no rough edges, someone who is naturally kind, optimistic and is not defined by their work but who they are.  Because it is a workplace, I also want someone who does not thrive on drama. Responsibility, punctuality, hard work - these we consider the basic price of entry. We've got a great crew at Silver Tips and I thought you would enjoy knowing them better.  We'll feature several of our staff, off and on, no special order, starting with one of our Managers, Annalisa:

Here's what excites her about her job at Silver Tips:
Annalisa loves introducing people to new teas and interacting with customers.  She is a Manager and works full-time at Silver Tips.
What does she do when she's not at Silver Tips?
She is one of the busiest people I know and is currently going to school for a degree in Social Work.  In addition, she completed a rigorous training program to be a Volunteer for victim advocacy and is now a hospital advocate for a victim's assistance agency.  As if this weren't enough, she baby-sits locally for a family with two adorable, small children.  She has many side talents and last year, we gave her a table at the Tea Room to show off her skills as a professional make-up artist.  
Here's something personal about her:
One of Annalisa's goals in life is to volunteer abroad.  
We're lucky to have her!  Be sure to say Hello to Annalisa the next time you visit us.  She's there 5 days a week - chances are you will run into her!

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