New Teas - They're a Hit!

 Apr 08, 2015 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Our customers are enjoying our new teas and early favorites include Passionfruit Oolong, Lily Yin Hao and Ginger Jasmine.  We just put them on our site with images and descriptions so you can browse at your leisure.  We added teas to just about all categories - here is a quick overview:

Assam:  Heritage Blend - an unusual long-leaf blend, not overly strong.

Green:  Two excellent China greens - Lu An Gua Pian & the already popular Lily Yin Hao.

Oolong:  We added Da Hong Pao and Passionfruit Oolong.  Lychee Oolong is to follow as soon as it arrives from China.  Da Hong Pao is a bold leaf Oolong, not as smokey as a Wu Yi but not lightly oxidized like a Ti Kwan Yin.  This one is pleasantly toasty and could very well become your daily Oolong.

Jasmine:  We love the teas we have in this category and added just one more - Ginger Jasmine.

White:  This is a winner.  China Pai Mu Tan flavored with champagne and raspberry flavors, sprinkled with safflowers.  A pale yellow infusion adds lightness to the magic.

Flavored Teas:  We added a bunch here - Cherry Lemon, Orange you Glad it's Chocolate, Sencha Tropic, Secret Garden and Sweet Indulgence on a rooibos/honeybush base.

Chai:  In the wildly popular Chai category, we added Mango Chai as well as Coconut Chai.  Look for Iced Mango Chai in the summer - this is going to be a crowd pleaser!

Wellness Blends / Herbal:  We re-worked this section in response to the many requests we get for special-purpose blends.  DigestiMint, Ginseng Boost and Spring Solace are some in this section. We love getting feedback from you so let us know which of these teas become your favorite.

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