Green Tea - Tea Council Research Results

 Jun 04, 2015 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

iced green tea

Green Tea - The Beverage of Champions. June is National Iced Tea Month and in their effort to promote it, The Tea Council of the USA recently commissioned a survey of 1000 Americans, results of which were just published. We will bring you the many significant results over the next few weeks, highlighting one item at a time.  Today we're starting with Green Tea and the survey refers to it as The Beverage of Champions. Americans who drink green tea report a greater quality of life than non-green tea drinkers - see if you recognize yourself below:

  • Being more likely to feel happy almost all the time (77% vs. 71%)
  • Be completely satisfied with their lives (70% vs. 61%)
  • More likely to describe themselves as confident (55% vs. 47%)
  • More creative (57% vs. 43%)
  • More adventurous (37% vs. 28%)
  • More spontaneous (35% vs. 26%)
  • More bold (24% vs. 19%).

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