All You Need Is Love!

 Feb 06, 2018 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

All You Need Is Love, but a Little Chocolate Now and Then Doesn't Hurt. - Charles Schultz

Valentine's Day  - that day of romance with hearts and flowers and, best of all, Chocolate!  It's one of life's little luxuries and pairs well with Wine, Fruit and even Tea.  A luscious bit of chocolate followed by a sip of tea is a silky sensation.  And Tea blended with Chocolate is a combination often overlooked.

Chocolate Chai
Warm, spicy Chai, even better with Chocolate.  Add a splash of Chocolate Syrup to make it richer.

Secret Garden
A bouquet of fragrance - Sencha, Jasmine,Lavender, Mint & flowers, with peach and chocolate flavoring.  A delicate balance of flavors!

Rooibos with caramel and chocolate pieces. This naturally non-caffeinated tea is dessert in a cup!

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