Chai Popularity Contest Results are In!

 Aug 04, 2016 |  Written by Kaitlyn Bestenheider

Results are in for the Chai contest!  We asked you to rank our many Chai blends by order of popularity. As promised, we've selected our 3 winners, and for those of you who cannot wait to find out if you were right, wait no longer! Here is the list in the correct order:

That being said, we dug a bit deeper into the results. An overwhelming 82% indicated Chai - the Original Blend correctly as the most popular. Hands down, it is the one we serve the most.  It is Black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger & vanilla. How well did everyone do with the rest of the list? Here are the highlights:

•  Mango Chai was added just last year, but we think it will soon be as popular as Herbal Chai & Temple Chai.
•  Even though Coconut Chai is 3rd in popularity, 25% ranked it as least popular!
•  Every blend was guessed in every position by at least one person.

Our 3 winners will receive a 4 ounce package of their favorite Chai blend.  For the curious and analytically-minded, here is a pie chart illustrating what our respondents would have chosen had they won.  No surprise which was selected most - Chai - Original!

Stop by the Tea Room at 3 North Broadway, Tarrytown, NY, anytime to try all 7 chai blends and see for yourself if your favorites match the popularity list. 


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