China Teas for Chinese New Year!

 Jan 27, 2017 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Chinese New Year - The China Collection

Ring the Bells - it's Chinese New Year and the start of a Year of the Rooster.  To celebrate it, we're bringing out the best of our China Teas. The cup of kings and emperors, dynasties and kingdoms, China's teas span the entire range of leaf and style. They are fragrant, toasty, mellow, astringent, smokey or robust.  There's one for every mood and every occasion.  We offer you five days of celebration - each day a new tea and each day an opportunity to receive a FREE bonus tea.

Silver Tips Tea Online loose leaf tea China White Tea Collection

We begin with White Tea.  Known for its cooling properties and high in antioxidants, they are subtle in the cup and naturally woodsy in flavor.  Try the soothing White Peony or something more redolent such as Moonlight & Melon or White Sparkling Berry.
Buy any in the White Tea category on 1/27 and we will add 2 FREE ounces of White Pomegranate.

Silver Tips Tea online loose leaf tea China Green Tea Collection

Saturday is China Green Tea day.  And you are in luck!  You may find it difficult to choose just one.  From the remarkable Mei Lan Chun to our Lychee Green or Organic Mao Feng, you have an abundance of choices.
Buy any in the Green Tea category on 1/28 and we will add 2 FREE ounces of Organic China Sencha.

Silver Tips Tea online loose leaf China Black Tea Collection

China Black Teas are underrated but they shouldn't be.  Yunnans are rich and creamy with a chocolate note that lingers.  Keemuns are drier and carry a natural undernote of a mild smokiness.  Premium grades are mellow.  The Red Mudan is an aesthetic wonder.
Buy any in the Black Tea category on 1/29 and we will add 2 FREE ounces of Yunnan TGFOP.

Silver tips tea online loose leaf tea China Jasmine tea collection

Is there anyone not enthralled by a Jasmine Flowering Tea?  Or the spectacular fragrance of Silver Needle Jasmine King?  Jasmine is uplifting.  It can be dazzling in its beauty and simplicity.
Buy any in the Jasmine category on 1/30 and we will add 2 FREE ounces of Ginger Jasmine.

Silver Tips Tea online loose leaf tea China Oolong Tea Collection

Oolongs are considered Liquid Sunshine.  Celebrate this New Year with one of China's 50 Famous Teas - Ti Kwan Yin Oolong.  Or try a more roasted Oolong - our Organic Wu Yi.  For those who enjoy a lighter, more fragrant cup, Goddess of Mercy awaits.
Buy any in the Oolong category on 1/31 and we will add 2 FREE ounces of Rickshaw Oolong.

Join in our celebration of China Teas both online and at our Tea Room in Tarrytown, NY. Purchase any one of the featured Teas of the day and receive your FREE bonus tea. Experience the very best of China this New Year.  Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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