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 Nov 23, 2019 |  Written by Anupa Mueller


Despite the growing popularity of Tea, coffee continues to reign supreme.  And it is still easier to buy coffee as a gift rather than Tea.  Why?  First, coffee is more readily available.  Second, there are fewer choices when buying coffee.  And lastly, it seems familiar.  Not so with Tea.  Often, even a habitual tea drinker knows the tea they enjoy but not much beyond their own category.  The Black tea drinker is confounded by Greens and Oolongs and the Ginger Peach Iced Tea customer knows only a tall glass of iced bliss.  As for those that fancy herbal teas – they swear by hibiscus or lemongrass but know very little about real tea.

With all this in mind, we designed our Tea Gifts to address these problems plus a few others. Ask yourself if any of these resonate with you when considering a Tea Gift:

  • Do they know how to steep loose leaf tea?
  • Do they take milk with their tea?
  • I wonder if they already have an infuser basket.
  • Should I get a teapot? Do they need one?
  • What about sensitivity to caffeine?
  • What if they don’t like flavored tea?
  • How do you store the tea?
  • How much tea should I buy?

And on it goes.  All these concerns are legitimate and could prevent you from spreading the joy of Tea.  But we can help.  We developed 4 categories of gifts to make it easy for you:

  1. Tea Samplers
  2. Starter Kits
  3. Tea-of-the-Month Club
  4. Tea Gift Boxes




Samplers are an easy, affordable way to get started.  Each consists of a variety of Teas, a Canister and a Measuring Scoop. We organized them into types and offer 5 types:


It’s an easy way to explore one type of tea, makes a great gift and is priced under $25.


Our Starter Kits offer a more complete package and make a thoughtful gift. They are designed to be given all year long, not just for the holiday season.  Each Starter Kit is gift-boxed and contains several Teas, approximately 2 ounces of each, a 4-ounce Canister, a Measuring Scoop, a fine-mesh Brew Basket, a Digi-Timer, a Coaster and even a munchie to enjoy with that first cup!  We offer 3 types:

  • Classic – straight, non-flavored teas – Black, Green Jasmine.
  • Flavored – three flavored teas, a Black, a Green and a Rooibos.
  • Non-Caffeinated – three selections with all the flavor but none of the caffeine.

Each gift box comes with steeping instructions and provides everything to make the perfect cup of tea.  It takes the guesswork out of all the questions – how to measure, how to steep, how to store.  All you have to do is select one and let us include your gift message.


This is our flagship product and immensely popular.  As they say, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  We’ve designed it for all price points and in many varieties so you can find one that is ideal for you.

Here’s how it works.  First, you select the Plan you wish – we have 7 types:


  • Varietal – Straight black, no flavored and includes light to robust bodied teas.
  • Essential – Green, Oolong and White, no flavored, just varietals.
  • Fruitful – Wonderful fruity teas on a variety of bases, black, green or non-caffeinated.
  • Tranquil – Decaffeinated and Non-caffeinated selections including Herbals, Decaf, Rooibos & Fruit Tisanes.
  • Natural – This is for those who prefer Organic only and it includes both Black and Green teas.
  • Masterful – High-end, premium teas exclusively. For the Tea Master and all those aspiring to be one!
  • Sequential – our newest plan, is a combination of Varietal, Essential and Tranquil, in that sequence. Offered in a 6-month plan only.

How does the Tea-of-the-Month club work?  We’ve made it simple.  The first month includes a Brew Basket, a Measuring Scoop and a Canister as well as that month’s Tea selection.  Every subsequent month will bring you a new Tea.  Extras and surprises come all season long.  They could be Storage Tips, Recipes, Samples, Chocolates or just information on Tea.  We publish a new list of teas each year just before the holiday season, as we have many regular customers who subscribe year after year.

All the Plans except Sequential come in 3, 6 or 12-month options.  The Sequential is only offered in a 6- month option.  We’ve been consistently rated as one of the top 10 Tea-of-the-Month Clubs year after year.  Try it for yourself or give it as a gift – you will not be disappointed.


Each year, we develop Gift Boxes with you in mind.  They could include special treats such as tea-infused Soaps or Candles.  Some may contain teapots or tea mugs.  They all include specially-selected Teas and various essential tea-ware to replicate that perfect tea experience at home.  They are gift-boxed and easy to select.  Share the gift of tea all year long. 

Of course, you can always just select Tea as a gift.  It is still one of the most affordable and simple of luxuries and costs you pennies for a cup.  4 ounces can make 40 – 50 cups and can cost less than $10!  Add a simple infuser basket, a Tea Mug or perhaps a storage canister and you’re all set.  And remember, a Teapot is ideal for those who drink more than one cup at a time. This is gift giving made easy!

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