Aug 24, 2020 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Pleased to offer 1st Flush 2020, 2nd Flush 2020 and Silver Tips 2020 to our dedicated Makaibari fans.  Thank you for your patience.

For fans of First Flush, the leaf is slightly darker than in previous years but the taste is still sharp, crisp and astringent with a clean, floral note.  

The 2nd Flush has the characteristic coppery hue to the infused leaf which is typically not present in the early season 1st flush leaf.  2nd flush tends to hold up better during the year, is more substantial in the cup compared to 1st flush and has a deeper floral note to the cup.  This is the most popular of all the Makaibari teas we offer.

The Silver Tips is again of a high quality - you will not be disappointed.  The only drawback is that this premium quality is only made in very small batches so it doesn't last long.

All Makaibari Teas are Certified Organic, Fair Trade & Biodynamic.  And remember, you can always pick up the previous season's bounty at a steep discount.  You have our word - we will not pass off an older year for new.

Enjoy your cup of bliss!  I am a life-long fan of First Flush and despite the availability of 2nd flush and Autumnal later in the season, I drink this year long.

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