Makaibari Tea Estate - 2020 Update

 Aug 14, 2020 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

It's been a challenging year for all of us in the tea-importing business.  February and March were all about China and our earliest realizations that Covid-19 would result in delays.  Thankfully, China shipments are now back on track albeit with long inspection and holds at the U.S. ports.

Now it is India's turn.  Indian teas are the backbone of our portfolio.  They are the base for most of the Breakfast blends and robust morning cups enjoyed by millions.  Assam CTC grades are an essential item for Chai blends.  India is still on partial lock-down and with global flight restrictions still in place, our efforts to bring in our usual Makaibari Darjeeling by air turned into an adventure we could have done without.

First, there were no flights.  Second, costs were exorbitant. $4/kg went up to $14/kg.  This would add $6/lb. or more to the base costs.  Finally, freight forwarders advised us that even when booked, shipments sometimes got stuck for days or weeks waiting for connections.  Still, we persevered and late last week, we made the final arrangements for a smaller than usual air freight.

For our Makaibari fans, a few things to note:

  • We have a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on right now.  The only Makaibari teas excluded from this offer are 2019 First Flush and Silver Tips.  Our sincere apologies for both. We barely have any left to offer but we're hopeful that we can bring you 2020 stock of both next week.
  • All other Makaibari grades are eligible for this promotion so for 2nd flush and Long Leaf Green fans - this is your chance to stock up.
  • As always, despite rising rates all across the globe, we will continue to bring you Makaibari teas at prices lower than you would find elsewhere.  We will also be completely transparent about seasonality and out-of-stock positions.  You have our word - if we're out, we will tell you.  We will never pass off old stock as new.   
  • The other bestseller not part of this promotion is our Organic Assam Leaf grade. The container has just sailed but still several weeks away.  We recommend the Assam BOP or Victoria's Cup as a temporary substitute while we await the arrival of new stock.

We appreciate your continued support through these troubled Covid times.  We're drinking Tea of course, just like you. The calendar is completely mixed up - we've gone through several holidays without celebrating any.  Labor Day is around the corner but it's hardly back to school or back to work.  We will continue to offer discounts and promotions to make Tea affordable right now. We will continue to send out our Newsletters and keep our Sale Teas page updated.  Thanks for staying with us.  We're with you.


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