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 Nov 15, 2017 |  Written by David Napolitano

We're constantly re-tooling our site and making changes we think will serve you better.  Some are in response to your requests, others are to reflect best practices in the industry.  Here are some recent changes we think you will appreciate:

  • Item #: Each Tea now shows the Item or SKU number high up on the page right under the product name.  Item numbers have always been on the labels that accompany each bag of Tea we ship to you but we noticed that some customers were searching for this number, so we added it right on the page, for your convenience.
  • Tea is rich in stories and background so if you click on the tab"Related Articles" for any product, you may find interesting Blog stories associated with that product.  
  • New Products: New items now carry a conspicuous red icon. Of course, you can always see them all at once by browsing the New Arrivals page.NEW!

  • Makaibari Teas: We grouped our entire portfolio of Makaibari Darjeeling teas on one page. As Makaibari is, by far, our best-seller, this was a no-brainer.
  • Search Function:  We know this is a source of frustration for most customers on most sites. We're constantly tweaking this to get you the results you seek.  We've given you more options now when you search for a specific Tea.  And if you misspell one of the more tricky Tea names, such as Vithanakande, the Search genie will pick up on it and suggest the right term for you. 
  • Rewards Points: Many customers wanted to know how many Points they had and if they were eligible to redeem their points. We took care of this. The information now appears in your Shopping Cart. And if you have 250 points or more, we remind you that you now have enough for a coupon. Just make sure you're logged in and you have something in your Cart.
  • Tea Facts:  You can never learn enough about your favorite Teas.  We've added all kinds of neat information on various teas. Here are some topics: Jasmine Tea Manufacture, Reducing Stress, and Breakfast Blends. Our Tea Basics and FAQ page have numerous tips to make your Tea journey fun.

As always, tell us if these are making your browsing & purchasing easier. Just leave us a comment or you can always e-mail us at We love receiving comments and notes from you. Meanwhile, we're going back to getting the site ready for you for the holiday season. Stay tuned!

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