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 Nov 17, 2016 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Silver Tips Tea Rewards Program - Silver Tips Tea Online Tea Store

We are now rewarding every online purchase.  The construct is simple - earn a point for every dollar spent on the site and through other fun ways such as writing a product review. We've had a Loyalty Card at our Tea Room in Tarrytown for several years now but that is only valid for visits and purchases at the Tea Room.  The points and rewards could not and still cannot be applied to online sales.  As our online customers have grown and become national, the need for an online rewards program made sense.  

Here's how it works: First, it is automatic, no enrollment is required, just an account with us at  The program awards 1 point for every purchase so Tea purchased for $15 will give you 15 points.  This includes your selections of Makaibari Tea Estate teas, fine Breakfast blends, Earl Grey, Matcha, Green Tea, one of our herbal blends or perhaps a Tea Gift.  They all count.  One important point to note - the points will only show up on your account after we've fulfilled the order and captured payment.  This is usually within 1 day. Other ways to accumulate points include referring a friend or writing a product review. Over time, we will unveil other methods including bonus points for specific items.

Second, you can redeem points easily.  250 points gets you a $10 coupon which can be applied to any item on our site.  Select a Sampler or a Teapot, perhaps a subscription to our Tea-of-the-Month Club.  Like all other sites, only one coupon can be used at a time. All the details can be found on our FAQ page and if you still have questions, you can send us an e-mail - we're happy to help.

So, get started on your Rewards - You've Earned It!

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