The Silver Tips Tea Rewards Program - Easy & Fun!

 Jul 22, 2019 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Loyalty Programs are a big deal.  For us and for you. Gone are the days when only the very large companies such as airlines and hotels offered Rewards or bonuses for being their customers.  Now, your local coffee shop and neighborhood deli as well as all sizes of companies in all kinds of industries work hard to keep your patronage.  Businesses know you have options and how easy it is to compare and then shop elsewhere.   A Rewards Program is one essential factor to keeping you engaged and loyal.

Ours was designed to serve the same purpose.  We began our Silver Tips Tea Rewards Program several years ago and we’ve kept it simple. Here’s how it works:

For every dollar you spend, you earn a point.  When you accumulate a certain number of points, you can redeem them for purchases on the site.


You don’t have to do a thing.  If you have an account, you are automatically enrolled, and you start earning points from your very first order. That’s how easy it is. There are no forms to fill and no questions to answer.


The easiest way is to make a purchase.  Each dollar you spend generates 1 point. When you accumulate 250 points, a $10 coupon is yours to use!

Another way to earn points is to write a Product Review.  Just keep in mind that the Review needs to be meaningful and substantive.  Telling us that a Mango tea is fruity will not earn you points – it is too obvious and not descriptive enough.  Reviews are enormously helpful and assist other customers in making a purchase decision.  Write with that in mind.

During the year, we offer promotions that give you Double Reward Points or Bonus Points.  At least once a year, we invite customers to Review Products for extra Bonus points.  This makes it even faster to get your reward. 


We offer you $10 when you have 250 points and $20 when you have 500 points.  Use them whenever you wish.  Coupons are not stackable so use other time-sensitive coupons first. 

That’s it.  For complete details on our Rewards Program, click here. We've made it as easy as possible and right now, we’re offering DOUBLE REWARD POINTS for every purchase through July 31 so stock up  on your favorites, get in on our Sales and earn your Reward.  You’ve Earned It!




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