Our Very Popular Passion Berry Iced Tea

 Sep 12, 2019 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Customers often write to us after having tasted our teas at local coffee shops or tea rooms.  We have had requests from around the corner and as far away as Oregon.  The two teas most inquired about are the Iced Passion Berry tea and, of course, Toasted Almond which enjoys a fan club all its own.

Last week, a customer wrote to us:

"I recently learned about your Passion Berry Black iced Tea from my local coffee shop.  I noticed you only sell to businesses.  Do you offer sales to non-wholesale customers like myself?  I can buy it in bulk too since I love it so much!"

Ah yes. We have had this request before. All the Birch Coffee Shops throughout Manhattan serve our teas and every so often, someone will become so enamored of their black iced tea that they must have their own at home. I immediately responded that although Eco-Prima Tea did, indeed, only serve businesses, our retail company, Silver Tips Tea would be delighted to provide the same tea in smaller quantities better suited for home use. Our black iced teas use an India Nilgiri tea base which serves as the perfect start for flavored blends. We offer several varieties including Blackcurrant, Peach Apricot as well as Passion Berry. As summer wanes, the Iced Tea-4 pack is on Sale so he will get an added benefit of clearance prices. Once the customer learned of these easy options, he wrote back:

"Thank you so much for the prompt response. Your teas are awesome."

Thank you, Peter. Happy to help.

And for all those looking for a great iced tea, remember you can ice any loose tea or use our conveniently packaged 1-gallon teabags which come pre-measured for ease of use.

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