Silver Tips Tea Covid-19 Survey Findings: Part 1

 Sep 16, 2020 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We invited you to participate in a Survey on Covid-19 and tell us how you were coping through it.  The responses were both eye-opening and expected.  Here's a sample of what you told us:

We felt it was worse than how we had imagined it would be and I can see we're in good company.  Most of you felt the same way.

We had a whole range of answers to this question. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed many aspects of our daily lives. Here are a few responses that stood out:

"I'm immuno-compromised so I am completely isolated. Your Chai tea is so good, it has kept me from needing to go to a coffee or tea shop just to order my daily Chai! Thank you!"

"Of course! I hardly go out; all our services are now provided online. We are not receiving any guests, so we 17 brothers living in the monastery are hardly mixing with others; but we are not lonely, since we have each other's company. And we like solitude as well. The biggest difference must be that we have no public services. Before the pandemic, we could expect up to 100 people for our Sunday service, and four or five classes per week with 10 to 20 visitors. Now it's all online."

"I'm not traveling. That means that I did not go to Portland Oregon for my only grandchild's second birthday at the beginning of May. It also means that I have not seen my two daughters who live there or their husband and fiance respectively. That's difficult. We are close family and we travel to each other all the time. Now instead of traveling these distances travel itself seems distant. But we FaceTime and Zoom and Skype so that we can see each other and hear each other even while the world is crazy."

"I am a fundraiser at the regional food bank. We have been overwhelmed with support as we have altered and expanded our services. I have been working from home, which is isolating; but the work is gratifying. I haven't seen many people nor any of my children who live hundreds of miles away."

"Almost everything.  We no longer visit in person with our elderly parents.  Gone are dinners out with friends. Bye bye August vacation to Canada. We likely won't be back in our offices until 2021. The only store I go into is a grocery store, once every 14 days. We are lucky in so many ways (still employed, have a home, aren't sick), but so much of our life is unrecognizable from February."

For those of you who were not aware, as you can imagine, we had to make many changes to ensure safety for our employees and to bring you a product you could trust. You can read the Policies that we have initiated in our facility HERE!


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