Silver Tips Tea Covid-19 Survey Findings: Part 2

 Sep 30, 2020 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We wanted you to tell us how Tea has helped you through the pandemic.  Here are some of your responses:


 Here are some of your answers to this question:

"I brew my own tea now and use your tea for it!"

"I'm ordering and drinking more tea to relax."

"Yes in a way. I'm not shopping at the other tea sites that I used to occasionally buy from. I say to myself, you can only get tea from Silver Tips now because you are my favorite and local and I want you to stay in business. Overall, I'm not buying as much tea, but trying to take advantage of discounts when I can."

We received a lot of responses to this question. Although it was difficult to select just a few, we are featuring some here:

"Tea is a daily must for me. It uplifts and calms at the same time. It is the one thing I cannot do without and I don't mind spending a little extra for fine teas such as Makaibari."

"I usually pick up coffee on the way to work, but since I have been working from home I have been making and enjoying tea in the mornings instead. Having a cup of tea on the porch listening to birds has been very nice."

"Every morning I make a big pot of Silver Tips tea and sit out on my patio - it’s comforting and also inspiring to take in the beauty of nature that surrounds me. This has been a silver lining....."

"Yes, I must have my hot cup of tea every day.  My favorite is Victoria's Cup."

"Every morning I pull out one of my teapots from fancy to one that is shaped like an English Country Home. I use one of my many Lenox teacups and make a breakfast usually featuring some kind of eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Occasionally, my southern roots come to play and grits are added to the menu instead of dripping toast and toast with jam. I find this a good way to center my day as it begins, a solid foundation of calm and fortitude. And as I sip Creme Maurice, Lapsang Souchong or Serendipitea, I have fond memories of Silver Tips."

We appreciate everyone's responses.  Times continue to be troubling for all of us. Quarantine fatigue requires more focus and stresses us all in ways big and small.  Thank goodness for a good cup of Tea.

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