Tea of the Month Contest

 Oct 26, 2017 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We'll be launching a new Tea of the Month option next month that consists of a combination of the Varietal, Essential and Tranquil plans. It will be the perfect option for those who enjoy a wider array of Teas than the current plans allow. There's only one problem: We can't decide on a name!

We've come up with a few options here at the office, but we can't agree on one. So we figured we'd let YOU decide what to name this new plan. Click Here to fill out the form and let us know the name you're recommending. You can even suggest more than one name.

The winner will receive a $25 Gift Card for either the Online Store or the Tea Room - your choice!

The contest runs from now until Friday, November 3rd. We'll be announcing the winner during the week of November 6th. So hurry up and enter!

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