3 Rules to Storing Tea

 Nov 11, 2016 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Tea is a hardy item.  It keeps well. Nevertheless, you have to follow some simple rules in maintaining its flavor and integrity. The most basic is - no glass jars. If you are buying your tea from a tea shop that keeps its tea in see-through glass jars, change your tea vendor! For proper tea - Black, Green, Oolong, White - tea must be stored in a container that follows these three basic rules:

  • No light
  • No air
  • No moisture

Our tea canisters are ideal.  They are food-grade with a tight-fitting lid, easy to use, easy to clean. And as you can see they stay true to the objective - no light, no air and no moisture.

Our Tea Canisters

Tisanes & herbs may be stored in glass jars.  These include peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile and others in this family.  But for real Tea, look for properly insulated bags from your tea vendor (not just the simple kraft coffee bags with a thin liner) or a canister.

Tisanes and Herbs

Once you take it home, leave it in their original packing in a cool, dry place. Avoid the refrigerator and keep your tea away from strong-smelling foods. Follow these simple rules and your tea will maintain their freshness for a long time.  Although tea will last for a few years, we recommend you buy enough for a few months at a time, then replenish. Flavored teas such as Earl Grey should be used quickly since the flavor will dissipate over time.  Canisters or containers that have once contained flavored teas should be thoroughly washed and dried before being filled with other teas.


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