Yunnan Green Lily - New!

 Jun 19, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We used to have a phenomenal tea called Jing Mai Green. It was an authentic ancient forest green tea from Yunnan from the Jing Mai region. Over the years, the price crept up until it became unaffordable and we were forced to discontinue it. Today, we received our first batch of its replacement - another ancient tea forest Yunnan Green which we call Yunnan Green Lily. It is certified Organic and Fair Trade and, in our view, exceptional. It's from the Mannong region known for some of the best-preserved antique tea farms. The cup is a pale gold without a hint of astringency and a fruitiness that lingers on your palate. We recommend this for first-time green tea drinkers and for all those looking for a high-quality green. This one's for you.

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