Independence Day Specials

 Jul 01, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We dropped our Independence Day e-newsletter yesterday and thanks for the great response to it - we will be busy today filling your orders!  We developed a new tea for the occasion - Rooibos Americana (a take-off on our most popular Rooibos Afrikana). RetWB 005 The Americana is a red-white-and-blue blend with Rooibos, Raspberry, Blueberry and Vanilla.  We may even sprinkle some Silver Needles in it for added elegance! The teapots on sale are a true bonus. Stock up - you won't see these prices on a 2-cup Chatsford again!  We consider these (the blue and white) the best in the world. If you vist our Tea Room, you will see that these are what we bring to your table and I use them at home too. Other than dropping the lid and breaking it, these teapots last a while, clean well and barely drip.

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