Iced Beverages

 Mar 23, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Tea may bring up visions of a hot, comforting cup but it can just as well be a tall glass of Iced Tea.  Each day, we feature one or two Iced Tea Specials at $1.99 (refills included).  Add to this a daily Lemonade, with or without tea, which is wildly popular.  Imagine Zingy Tang (Green tea with Ginger, Orange and Peach) with Lemonade.  And finally, our home-made Tea Ice Creams.  These are our special-tea!  Today we have Toasted Almond, Silver Tips Earl Grey and Chocolate Rooibos Chai ice cream.  We blend our tea into the Ice Cream and the result is fabulous.  Of course we will do all the obvious ones like Green Tea Ice Cream and Peach but these unusual ones are what our customers love.  So do we.
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