Coming soon - Moravian Cookies

 Sep 26, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We carried Moravian Cookies many years ago and had problems with their packaging.  We found them again this year in attractive, newly designed packs and with new flavors.  After tasting 6 or 7, we selected these three - Cranberry Orange, Pumpkin Spice and Spiced Apple Cider.  They are all natural without trans fats - a four-inch pack of delicious taste.  We will most likely be bringing the Pumpkin Spice in first and then follow with the other two.  These are from the famous baking company in Winston-Salem, in business since 1930.  In 1992, they established Salem Baking Company for national distribution of their famous cookies.  We're very particular about what we select - if it says Cranberry Orange, we have to be able to taste it.  We rejected the Ginger Spice because we thought the molasses came through too prominently, the Tangerine Orange was not orange enough and on it goes.  We'll feature our other finds soon.

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